The world as I see it

I love photography. I tend to photograph nature and weird things. Well to my way of thinking. Of course there are the numerous family shots. I have always been the one with camera in hand, always behind and rarely in front. A year or two ago my son told me to get a hobby. I’d always loved photography and hadn’t used my SLR in years. But had discovered digital cameras. I invested in a DSLR and began to experiment a little more. I am now at the stage of wanting to expand and get new lenses and accessories. They will come in their own good time.

I discovered editing on computer and iPad. Such an awesome range of applications on the latter now. Last year a friend put me onto Picasa 3 and most of my editing is done there. I find I enjoy editing as much as snapping the beauty that surrounds me. Most of my inspiration is nature that surrounds me, in my home, my city and the surrounding countryside. But editing brings a whole new world to photography.

I have recently added a tab, Photography. In here are my photo-blogs and my Weekly Photography Challenges. I do not profess to be by any means a professional photographer, quite the amateur in fact. However I decided that there have been many themes that I love photographing and would like to share these; my trips, my love and fascination of beautiful things both nature and man-made.

The majority of photos are my own. I have a Panasonic Lumix digital camera and a Canon DSLR. I have learnt to take my Lumix wherever I go.

Some years ago I encouraged, well harassed, my daughter to let me take a series of ‘art’ photos of her. She has a passion for converse, skinny jeans and slogan t-shirts. and she is an incredibly photogenic and beautiful person to work with. Of course now, three years later, she is rather embarrassed 🙂


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