gallery Aware

How aware are we as humans walking this earth? Do we look, see and listen? Do we question, contemplate, discuss? Do we share, encourage and support? 

Or are we like the ostrich, head buried in the sand. Walking through life with blinkers on. Daring only to stay within our self-created comfort zone.

I guess through my life I am constantly amazed at the narrow-mindedness, shallowness and limiting views of so many.

Dare I raise a controversial subject. Espouse an alternative view. Ask another what they truly believe. It often brings looks of horror, discomfort and outrage. 

How dare we raise our awareness, broaden our mind and world view. Or challenge the popular societal beliefs. 

As I grow older I find myself less worried about what others think about what I say. It is after all my thoughts not there’s. And each has a right to their own beliefs. But sometimes I just wish some people would open their mind, become more aware and awaken to the beauty of life that surrounds us. 

But then, I am a rebel and philosopher at heart ☺️

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