gallery Life Through A Filter

The glare of bright life made her turn her head away. The harsh reality too much to bare. Far better to walk through life in muted tones. Applying her filter to avoid what is. 

No negativity please. Only positive vibes. She didn’t want to know anything other than what she chose. It became too uncomfortable. Raised questioned. Meant she should think. And care.

Wrapped up in a bubble of her making. She wandered on her path. To die a lonely woman. Missing out on so much. If only she had taken off her glasses. Those rose coloured filters. She might have experience a life worth living.

How often these days I see comments on posts on Facebook … I don’t want to see this…What was she thinking to raise that subject…It’s too sad. Too mean. Too confronting…Post something nice. Pretty. Unassuming…I’m blocking you I don’t like that you posted this… Let me stay with my head stuck in the sand… Don’t expect me to be compassionate about their issue… I have my own to deal with…

Is life just about what choices my kids make? What clothes I shall wear? The latest dish I learnt to cook? The man I just met? How will I manage my housework? 

How would life be if she removed her self imposed filters and learned to see. To hear. To feel. To engage. To live her life. To be human.

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