gallery Successful or Not?

Am I successful? Are you successful?  Whether or not we think we or another is succesful is totally dependent on our beliefs and perspectives. Our judgements and point of view. How do you define successful? It is merely a point of reference. There is no magic formula. Knowing when we are finally successful is often dependant on a goal. Rarely is that goal predetermined or distinct. Often it is vague and flexible. 

Over the years I have worked within a project planning format. Goals set, outcomes determined. Tracking progress along the way. But lately I have changed my perspective when it comes to personal goals. For having a goal means there’s an end point. A point where we judge ourselves successful. 

But what do I do then? When I have reached my goal? Where do I go? Do I have an ongoing strategic plan for the next goal? Or do I end up just sitting back, pleased with myself I achieved that goal? And now that I’ve reached it do I just slide back again? And what if I don’t achieve that goal? Am I unsuccessful? Do I berate myself, apportion blame elsewhere for not being successful in achieving that goal?

With this mentality today of setting goals to gain success, it just seems to create more stress. Stress in working to a timeframe, in not achieving, in reaching that goal and feeling lost. Is this stress worth it? What does life mean to me to be successful if I just create more stress.

Much is written and discussed about mindfulness. Living in the now. Enjoying each moment, each day as it comes. Where is the stress in this? It’s rather minimal. I enter a more care free attitude to life. I lose my attachment to goals, processes and the journey. I have learnt to enjoy life as it arrives. To plan only minimally. For the things that are more immediate. 

When I stop and change my perspective I realise I am successful. I have always been successful. I just didn’t realise it. I didn’t accept it. I am successful in so many small things. The things that fill my life each day. For me, that is enough. 

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