gallery Playing with Charcoal

I decided this year to join another course. I’ve worked through a few in the past few years. But the title – Painting Your Heart and Soul really caught my attention. 

Week 1 was a charcoal and collage portrait. And though I forgot the collage,  I loved getting my hands dirty with charcoal. 

I joined Sktchy app awhile ago, queued some photos and finally decided to gain my inspiration from some of the photos. Of course one charcoal painting wasn’t enough. I had to try a few more. 

Yesterday I got stuck into my art desk and area downstairs. I had gotten to the point where I barely had room to put my paper and journals. So I cleaned up and organised my supplies. 

Looking through older journals was an eye opener. After 4 years doing a lot of art, experimenting with different mediums and techniques, and getting constructive and positive feedback, I amazed myself how much my work has developed. Of course I have a long way still to go, but the fun is in the journey. The practice, the challenge and experimenting.

So many people say they can’t do art or can’t draw. What we don’t realise, is that art needs to be learnt, in the same way we learn to read, write and do math. It’s incredible to think that so much effort is put into teaching children these fundamentals, yet we happily hand over crayons and a blank piece of paper and expect someone to know how to draw.

What encourages me most in this course – like many art courses – is the support group on Facebook or other forums, where students are encouraged to post their work, irrespective of whether they have years or weeks of experience. To see those just beginning post is delightful. When first beginning art, we can be so nervous and threatened by those with experience. But everyone has a starting point. Even the masters started somewhere, and practiced constantly. 

It is not a born talent to draw or paint. It’s a learned technique. The talent comes in the creativity that individuals put into a piece. The imagination that turns a piece of art into a piece of Art. Anyone can learn techniques by having a ‘I can do this’ attitude. 

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