gallery My Private Abode

The older I get, the more I like my privacy. Or is that my space? I’m sure I’m becoming more of a hermit, or is it that I just like time to myself. I need my space, my junk. I need to spread out rather than share. Am I just becoming more selfish? I want to be able to do what I chose in my home. To don my birthday suit if I so choose. To eat when I want and watch what I want. To dance around to loud music, or chill out with a glass of wine listening to classical music. I need to be able to clean house when I want, to decorate my abode as I chose. To spread my junk out and sort and ditch. And then fall into bed leaving the mess. But for some reason I feel that I cannot do these things when I share house. There are many moments I want just to myself. In the privacy of my own home. 

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