gallery Is Manifesting Financial Wealth Really What I Want?

Life is glorious – when we make it so. I spent so long looking for fulfilment. Searching for meaning and purpose. Uncertain of where I was going. Expecting some grand plan to unfold. What I missed along the way is that life truly is what we make it. 

Thankfully I have been blessed with loving parents, children and friends and employment. These do not define who we are but it certainly eases life’s journey when we are born into a relatively comfortable life. As children we weren’t financially rich. My parents were missionaries before my father became a minister of religion. Yet we always had enough. 

I watched a video series on the internet recently about creating (financial) abundance. I also discovered my blocks to financial wealth. What is interesting is that this block to attaining vast wealth is for me an ethical and moral one. As much as I like the idea of being rich enough to not have to work, I see that it doesn’t fit with my beliefs. Perhaps I have been brought up to accept enough wealth to be comfortable but this has been gained through a strong work ethic of having to do the study and the hard yards to gain a successful career. 

What I know is that if I weren’t working I would quickly become rather bored. But then perhaps I don’t have the depth of vision to truly imagine living a life of ease without working. This is something I am currently investigating in my self. 

Yet always there is that sense that what is the purpose of having so much money as to not know what to do with it. I know I have certainly pushed the boundaries of my income, but still, I have never gone without nor have been so deep as to be unable to pull myself out of a financial hole. 

I wonder sometimes whether this need or want to be financially rich, to be a lady of leisure, is a misnomer. A fairy tale. Certainly I see enough wealthy people who are unfulfilled and unhappy and I see more than enough happy and fulfilled people who continue to contribute to society through productive work. 

At times I wonder whether this positive affirmation and manifestation of wealth that is encouraging us to want more is in fact more damaging than the willingness to embrace fully the lives we are blessed with. To learn to appreciate all that we do have. To give thanks for the blessings that constantly come our way. 

I wonder whether this driving need for more money is in fact another buy in to a fairy tale life rather than the reality of living harmoniously and at peace within ourselves day by day. 

What this means all to me is still a work in progress, an exploration of my beliefs, my values and what is most important for myself in this lifetime. 

Tho should I win the lottery I would not object. But that means I would need to buy a ticket…

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