gallery Beauty Waits For Those Who See

What is beautiful to me may be ugly to another. It is simply a matter of perspective. The clouds that form in the sky, the trees of the wetlands I drive through. The lights along the road shining at dusk and raindrops on leaves and petals.

Green frogs on the wall. Butterflies fluttering through the skies. The plumage of birds and their graceful flight through the sky. The slow passage of a slug.

What is aesthetically pleasing to me may be easily dismissed by another. It amazes me when I see people plowing rapidly through life without taking time to appreciate the beauty of the world they walk through.

The other week I took my son and his boyfriend to Springbrook Rainforest in the hinterland in southeast Queensland. The walk to the lookout was a mere 600m, but we took forever to walk the path. Under a canopy of green trees, the humid mist floating in. Tiny creatures of the forest and fungi of both vibrant and earthly colours.

Red berries half eaten on the ground. The sound of invisible birds. Magnificent ancient trees covered in moss. The faces I saw in the trunks. A leaf perfectly lying upon a rock. The walk was beautiful and serene.

Except for the chatter of loud voices and the rapid pace of tourists heading with one mission in life. To talk a selfie at the lookout with the hills and valley and tall apartments of the Gold Coast in the distance. Stopping for a few minutes only to snap their ‘been there done that’ photo on their phone before trudging quickly back up the path.

It saddened me that so many walked head done straight past the ancient trees not bothering to look sideways. Missing the elegance of their twisting trunks as they towered into the sky.

Are we so caught up in our selves and our lives that we cannot walk slow, turning our gaze sideways and upwards and downwards to observe the beauty that nature provides on a short walk? Has the selfie advertising our latest foray on social media been the sole focus of our lives?

In a world of rapidly depleting natural resources and endangered lands, do we chose to walk so fast as to miss the wonder and beauty that Mother Earth provides every moment in life?

To walk through a rainforest slowly is to reconnect with this world we live in, the earth we walk upon. To connect with our souls and drink in the healing energy of our mother. When given the opportunity to do so why trudge through as if on an end mission only? So much better to savour the aesthetics of our surroundings that we are graced with.

I sit outside, the breeze gentle on a warm evening. Birds begin their morning greeting as the sky gently turns from grey to light. Orange light starts low as the day heralds in the rising sun soon to greet us. It is dawn not yet 5am and again I am graced with another beautiful day.

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