gallery Lifes Marathon

Some months ago I began my marathon. Introspection, reflection, and observing my life and how I react and act. I decided to embrace my femininity,  throwing off past beliefs that being feminine was to be weak and fragile. Where this belief came from I’m not quite sure, but certainly somewhere in my childhood or youth I equated femininity with weakness. Not so as I began to read. I am female and femininity is a part of who I am. I chose to embrace this part of me.

This reflection on my life began an episode of daily writing in my diary; thoughts and observations as I began to unfold the meaning of my life, of who I am and who I want to be. Change resulted.  Ongoing, cathartic, continuous.  A process of reinventing myself and my life. A process that continues still.

Making life changes is much like a marathon. Not too fast, but steady and determined. I don’t want the flat out race of a sprint. The steadiness of a marathon suits me now in my middle years. This process of embedding new and remembered knowledge, of acceptance, and appreciation of my unique self is not one that can be done at speed nor short-lived reaching the finish line quickly. Bit rather like a marathon of steady progress. Though whether this marathon has an end point I do not know.

And so begins my reflections on life through daily word prompts. We will see how far this marathon of writing daily takes me. 

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