gallery Who Are We to Judge in the Lottery of Life

We are born into this world with no choice in many aspects of who we are.

We have no choice in who our parents are. 

We do not get to choose our skin colour, our nationality, where we are born, what language our parents ealing. 

We come into this world with a body that is ours, with hair and eyes and skin and physical traits of build and height that we have no choice in. 

We do not get to choose our gender, how we will look, our physical appearance. 

We are born with a body that may or may not be fully functioning, and a brain that will learn some things better than others. 

We come into the world to a mother who may live any number of lifestyles or personal relationships. 

We do not choose the religion or faith of our parents. 

We do not choose who we will be attracted to sexual lyrics. 

We do not have a say in the financial means of our  parents.

Yet, human beings throughout the world discriminate against others because of skin colour, nationality, religion, language, sexuality, financial status and physical and mental disabilities. 

What right do we have to consider another less than us; to bully and treat poorly another. 

What right do we have to physically and emotionally abuse another because of the circumstances to which we are born. 

Discrimination occurs purely because as we grow, we are influenced by those around us; long held beliefs passed on to our children with no explanation, no justification. 

Yet humanity discriminates because we see another as different to ourself. 

How would we all be if we were blind; if we couldn’t see what another looks like?

Or perhaps it is that we are blind to the reality that we choose to discriminate another for something when they had no choice.

Who are we to judge when we ourselves had no choice in our birth?

We might just as easily have had a different life and body in the lottery of birth.

How would this world we inhabit be if instead of seeing another as being different and perhaps less than us, we were to embrace the beautiful rainbow of diversity that humanity provides.

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