gallery Constant Change

I love how my life’s journey meanders, wanders and changes. For me it is constant, with its ups and downs and twists and turns.

Here I am again, after a hiatus during 2016. While externally my life remained on a happy path, internally, my mind and thoughts turned inward. 

During the second half of the year, happy coincidences occurred that led me to an awakening of the heart and soul, and to a point of harmony and balance. I have come through the dark night of the soul that had surrounded me for years. 

I have learnt to accept and love myself. To embrace myself completely. To live day by day. To focus on what is important to my whole being; mind, body, heart and soul.

I have written daily for a number of months, emptying my mind of thoughts, observing myself and my thoughts and my reactions. I have learnt much about myself. I have written with pen on paper in journals, but I could not blog.

Skirting around the edges of my mind has been the desire to blog again. When I looked back at my blog, it represented the past, the years of my dark night, of living through and trying to find myself again. That was the original intent when I first began.

Once again, the constant change has resulted in another rework of my blog. My full-time work is rewarding. I no longer massage or do my kinesiology. 

Yet my mind continues to ponder, debate, analyse and explore. It is who I am. The philosopher. And this is where I am most comfortable. My journey in life has come to the stage of loving and embracing may archetypal traits. I see them at work constantly. This is who I am.

As a new year begins, I step forward embracing every aspect of who I am. Of embracing and welcoming more joy, more play, more compassion, more grace and more elegance in my life. And I am loving it.

With this change I decided it was time to rework my blog name, and some pages. I do not know where this year will take me, but I am no longer concerned about outcomes. Life for me now is an opportunity to live each day as it arrives, however I choose to do so.

May this new year bring to you that which serves you best.


  1. Hello! Your thoughts resonate with me, I’m glad you shared them. I too have been on a (much longer) hiatus from blogging, for probably similar reasons you have. I look forward to reading more from you this year! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 our lives constantly change as do our priorities and interests. I used to stress about so much and now I am very much of the mindset .. it is what it is ☺

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