status Structure or Flow

Seems I’m always coming back to best laid plans and ideas that just never seem to last. Perhaps my habit making just doesn’t want to stick. Perhaps I just don’t function as well as I think in an orderly structured life. Perhaps it’s that I no longer want that way and would rather just go with the flow as I have so often lately told myself.

I guess the question for me then is how important is it that I have a structured routine? Certainly my work is not structured but rather contains such a variety of possibilities that I am rather lost unless I have my work diary noting meetings and where I should be on any given day and time.

But the constant within my life is that of change. So perhaps routine is like a round peg in a square whole? The I’m gonna do has been replaced with the Just Do It and enjoy mantra of living day by day and choosing what it is I want to do at any given time.

But the other constant ‘why’ remains.
Mid year, and my plans for staying on track with weekly photo challenged and art journalling fell by the wayside about a month in. Yet, my camera is always with my tho these these it’s more of my iPhone.  My art journalling is more of sketching though as always experimenting with different techniques and styles.

Perhaps it’s time to hangup the notion of weekly challenges and stay with the mantra of do what I enjoy most at that particular time. Be it photography, writing, sketching, art journalling or whatever may be.

In fact, looking at regular prompts now does my head in. The structure no longer fits. Life has changed yet again.


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