image Being

Another year. New beginnings. Yet as one day turns into another we hold so much with the changing of a calendar number. The quiet time between Christmas and New Year is at an end. Tomorrow begins the new week of a new year.

I contemplate what this year will bring. I consider what it is I would like to do, to achieve. Yet I wonder why I must think like this. Perhaps I should just consider enjoying life. Living each day as it comes. No guilt. No should or could. No looking backwards and wondering. No forward planning. No goals. Just living. Just being. Accepting of where I am and who I am. Acceptance of all that has gone before and all that is to come.

An opportunity in each day. To do what I choose, what I desire each and every day. Yet this feels strange. As if it might be wasteful. Or perhaps that is my society conditioned brain that says we must do. Yet I think I will embrace the freedom of the unknown, of unchartered waters. Of letting myself go with the flow. Enjoying the scenery and each moment.

So yes, I know not where my path will lead. I only know that I will endeavour to hold every moment in my life in highest regard. To live and let be. To immerse myself in the beauty and sadness of life, whatever it holds.


Photographed at Dubbo Zoo in New South Wales

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