OMG I killed a Bunny!! Game Playing Enacts Life on Planet Earth 

This week I started playing a new game on my iPad. Why? Because I’m getting bored with my current game I’ve been playing for ages and there’s not a lot of new areas opening up. The type of game? Strategy, empire building, whether fantasy or real. I love these games because they are at my design (within limitations and available resources) and I’m the ruler. I get to build, decorate, produce, expand, and climb the ladder. Hmm sound familiar? Ok I’m a human being, and I have pretty strong engineer, craftsperson and goddess archetypes. That is, I like to build, create and I want immediate results and to have the best.

So I started my game this week. Backstep, how did I find this one? Some clever cross-marketing in my first game that allows me to score crowns if I watch trailers of other games. And the game trailers these days are like watching upcoming movie previews. Just what I wanted to ease my boredom in game playing. Another addictive empire building game and bonus I get to beat up on other players.

Off I go, and yep a couple of bucks is nothing in the scheme of things to give me a head start and speed up productivity on my little village. I build my roads and add my buildings. Dammit I need more roads to connect my buildings to get more gold. I need more gold to buy more buildings. I need more people to work my land that means more houses, ie more gold. But some things I want or rather need require more food. I can’t hold the food I need to build so I upgrade. That means more gold. And more food. Great I can get food by hunting. Deer, boar oh and cute lil bunnies wander through. Yes they are called bunnies in the game, not rabbits. So I send my citizens after them. Woohoo killed another and got more food.

Hmmm I can go attack and plunder game created villages. That means I need more troops. More money, more food to train them. Aha… here’s the bonus, I can attack other players villages and loot for gold and food and special stuff. Hmmm more gold and more food to fill my growing villages needs. Dammit I reached the end of my peacetime and am now open to being attacked by other players, and I am. Grr I need more defenses. I need to upgrade to get better defences and increase my mercenary capacity. More gold, more food, more bunnies killed. 

Woohoo my civilisation is now out of the stone age and into the classical ages. More roads, more fences, more buildings. Upgrades to improve tactics, store all my gold and food. I need the bigger storage because my rapidly growing village needs more land. OMG I killed a ‘bunny’ … For Food … And then shrugged my shoulders ….

And here I stopped and went WTF????

I read a post today about some of our most fertile and productive land in Australia being targetted by our government for coal of all things. A limited resource that will destroy our land for future generations. Why? Money. Money for resources to meet both our own and the worlds growing demands created by our booming population. We are selling farms to overseas interests with more money and a huge population demand. And none of it will return to us except the initial sale cost. That is the banks will reap the money. 

So I can’t help but wonder. Where will it all end? What happens when I reach my capacity and get bored. Greener pastures? Another game? The universe awaits. Sci-fi films spark are interest in what’s out there. More areas to plunder and ravage? And what happens with the game I got bored with? The produces will no doubt ‘pull’ the game for something bigger and it remains only a memory for those who played.

And they say that life is real and not a game to be played. Obviosuly those at the top of this world, the power mongers dont believe this. Or are we as they say, all pawns to those who create the game… 

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