image Another Mornings Rambling Mind

How time flies when you’re living life. I looked at this week and lasts photo challenges and just couldn’t get motivated or find what I wanted. Then WP decided to upgrade its app on iPad and grrr problems occurred. Thankfully they sorted so I can get back into the swing – at least today. Chilling out on a Saturday morning and thinking that I was going to go to the annual Medieval festival, but totally not motivated to deal with crowds. Perhaps a quiet walk along the bay this afternoon with my sketchbook.

My latest involvment, sketchbooking. Well rather learning about sketchbooking. Practising, doing some wonderful online classes through Sketchbook Skool and now another great online course on Foundations by Liz Steele. I really love the concept of sketching our days. Another way of recording what our world looks like through our own eyes. Of course being an art supply junkie I have to explore what others use. What’s interesting for me is that attending classes by a variety of teachers is helping me to gain a sense of my own style, of what I like, of what I can achieve. And throughout it all my own personal style. Well maybe.

A class mate asked if I knew what “multipotentialite” is. Of course I had to google, and found the very interesting “Puttylike” site. Yep most definitely me. Variety of interests in a number of areas. It seems like I flit from one to another. I get involved, immersed in one, then lose interest when I’ve soaked up what I want and move on. I’ve always been like this. In a sense I can turn my hand to most anything, but most things don’t hold my attention beyond a few years. In a way there’s not much I dont like or enjoy either. I guess its about experiencing the massive variety of pursuits that life has to offer. 

Well I had intended to post some photos from a couple of weeks ago when I last visited my folks up country. Seems that will be another blog, cos this has turned into another view on life as I live it. And here my mind goes blank. Yep the stop sign that says my mind has finished this little wandering.

But back to sketchbooking, well sketching from a photo of a pub at Wooroolin down the road from Wondai. And I remembered way back then in my teens, I loved to draw houses, pubs, buildings in ink. The circle has turned and back to itself. And now I know what I will photograph for this weeks theme of Symbol…
wooroolin sketch

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