image Laughing Kookaburras Always Look Like They’re Smiling

I looked out the back door this morning to see a pair of beautiful Laughing Kookaburras perched on the back fence. No matter how they pose, and they certainly seemed to be doing so, they look like they’re smilling. I had heard them earlier in the morning some distance away. Their call is often called a laugh, because it does sound like they are. But it’s not because they are happy. Their call is as many birds do, a warning, a patch protection. Their territory so beware. 

Kookaburras often nest in termite mounds built on the trunks of trees. Theres a lovely sized mound on the back neighbours fence. This morning they were checking it out. Potential home location. These delightful birds are native to Australia, a favourite of ours. Their feathers always look so soft. If you look closely you can spot touches of blue amidst the brown and greys. But beware those claws and that beak. They are fatal to smaller birds and marsupials. Kookaburras are meat eaters. But they are still beautiful, and always smiling.



  1. I love all kinds of birds. Your post reminded me of a song I learned in elementary school…”the KooKaburra sits on the old gum tree, merry, merry king of the bush is he. Laugh, Kookaburra laugh, Kookaburra, gay your life must be!” Just thought I’d share.

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