image An Afternoon’s Wander Down a Country Road In Search of Vivid

Winter in southern Queensland brings clear blue skies and a mild day. After arriving at my parents, I decided to take Crystal for a wander up the road. I could hear the sounds of parrots and finches, and went in search of them. 

I was struck by the vividness of the blue skies and the afternoons sun on the trees. This weeks Photo Challenge topic is Vivid, and I sought to find a suitable photo. What I found was peace and tranquillity, richness and vibrancy, and a subject or two certainly Vivid. 

Yellow buds cover the tree in the neighbours yard. I’m not sure what type of tree, but its certainly an Australian native of sorts.

Across the road stands a beautiful Bunya pine. Its nuts are edible. Mum recalss how as a child she would carry a pine switch to threaten any untoward young boys who wanted to tease her. The leaves are sharp!

I have a fascination with power poles. Perhaps the combination of wood, metal and wire atop the straight poles. I’m not sure.

I do know that birds on the wire intrique me as they sit perched, unafraid of the currents that run through them. Crested pidgeon surveys the surrounds

Atop a branch sits a Browns Honeyeater

A few houses down, this vine like plant with its beautiful cream and vibrant yellow flowers is gradually spreading through the trees and bushes.

Behind a tree peaks a sulphur crested cockatoo … ornament.

While another house’s fence is adorned with the skulls of cows?? I’m not sure.

Peppercorn trees remind me of my childhood as I stand watching the birds in the distance. Too much in darkness to photograph I listen to the lorikeets feeding in the yard of another neighbour.

Old stables always catch my eye. Theres something special about aged wood structures and the stories they have to tell.

Coming to greet me, or just curious? I think the latter as she keeps her distance. Or perhaps it’s Crystals sharp bark that keeps her wary.

There is so much strength in a horse, wisdom in their eyes. They deserve respect.

Across the road the sound of Galahs catch my attention. Above me they lazily fly to meet and greet and feed.

The stunning red bottlebrush, almost at the end of this season, still a flower or two catching the sun.

What I found most vivid, a subject suitable for the challenge, I’ve posted in my next two blogs, for this one is more of a photo blog in itself …


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