image Forum Discussions and Critiques – Positivity Rules.

I am REALLY loving the Sketchbook Skool Klasses. In just 24 hours I have felt that inner shift from hesitation, fear and reluctance to having a go and just doing. Whilst I love talking and sharing, I am at the same time hesitant about contributing to online class discussions. 

What I am finding surprising however is the ease in which I can reply to discussion topics. Predominantly focused around how we as an individual feel, our reactions and experiences, they provide an opportunity for self exploration and honesty with myself. 

When I read others comments, having skimmed a few first to make sure I’m on the right wavelength and haven’t misunderstood the questions, then go back and read more after I post my replies, I am amazed to read that we are all experiencing the same feelings, issues, doubts and life paths. It’s very much a case of WOW, I am not alone. This perhaps is the most comforting and eye opening reaction for myself. 

So often we think we are alone. Few of us ever feel we excel or are even good at art. Even the ‘best’ artists experience immense self-doubt. I know that encouragement, support and positive feedback is immensely important in continuing on any chosen path. Yet one negative comment, whether from one we admire or another who doesnt even ‘do’ can be so soul destroying as to make us quit right there and then. 

We are own own worst critics. We take to heart, personally, any negative comments. Yet the negative comments are only that one persons opinion. And rarely are they the ‘expert’ we think. If there is one thing in this world that I would love to see omitted its the negative opinionated comment from those who seek only to put another down. How much better would we all be if we encouraged, supported and critiqued constructively and gently.

This evening I opened my sketchbook and underook the first sketching lesson. Yep I can critique it in terms of perspective and balance. But I was not intent on creating a ‘perfect’ piece of art. Rather to explore, try a different technique and to draw what I saw. A pair of my sandshoes. Nothing more, nothing less. But when I look at the piece I see a full page spread, colour, emotion, simplicity and fun. I have started my sketchbook in a fun way, and for me, that is all that I need to ‘know’.


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