image Drawing Faces with Derwent Graphik Paint Pens 

Late last year I discovered Derwent pencils latest addition, Graphik Paint Pens. After googling painting using the Paint Pens and finding very little information except one great video , I decided to ‘play’ a little. 

I love the vibrant colours, the way you can add water to make them flow like water colour. How you can hold the paint pen nibs to the page to increase the flow of paint and then splatter then by blowing on the paint on the page through a straw. How blowing across the paint filled nib will create a splatter effect. 

I enjoy using the pens for doodling and drawing lines, dots and spirals across the faces. It can be both a controlled painting effect as well as random anywhere goes. Using my waterbrush across the tip of the pens I can create a watercolour effect. The fun is in experimenting and playing without restrictive boundaries.

Initialy purchasing two sets of the pens in colourful wallets containing five complementary colours each, I decided to splash out and puchase the full set of 20 colours plus the four black pens with different nib sizes. As I end up using a fair amount of water when drawing with the pens I used A4 300gm watercolour paper or heavy mixed media paper. 

Of all the different types of pens currently on the market I enjoy these the most. I can while away a good couple of hours in front of the TV at night just doodling and letting the pens and paint go where they will.


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