image Chai and the Biology of Belief as Darkness Turns to Light

Snuggling further inside my doona, I feel the slowly creeping chill of early morning. Wind chimes outside permeate my room as the wind gathers a little. I try to sleep but am caught between the tummy rumbles and a mild encroaching headache at my third eye. Its dark outside but my mind has kept me awake the past few hours. The dawn is slowly approaching, so much later these late Autumn days.

I contemplate crawling out to make a cuppa – tea, coffee or chai, I’m indecisive. But at that thought a hollow pit makes itself known. Embraced by my doona, the warmth is rapidly dissipating, that early morning chill is making itself known more strongly. The oil heater now resides at the base of the bed, currently unplugged but ready and waiting. Do I make the dive out for warmth in my belly and my room? 

I snuggle deeper, aiming for zzzzs, but the chime and quick light of a notification on my ipad reminds me I wasnt smart enough to turn it over and further away. Its like a not so subtle ‘I’m here and I’m lonely, come talk’. The clock ticks over and my minds in confusion. Not too long ago the sun was full up at this time and my body and mind in full flight.  But darkness remains outside, no hint of dawn in the light, except for the sound of an occassional car as early morning traffic begins. 

For some reason my mind and body thinks on one side I should stay abed, as if to rise in the darkness is not the way to go. But the sounds of the cars, count 5 the last minute, the gnawing at my stomach and the thought of warm drinks become more insistent. Ah well, perhaps I should move, the chill is increasing and the desire for warmth takes over. It’s time to move. 

Chai now made, I venture outside to a not so chilly tho breezy morning, as the sky begins to lighten, heralding the dawn of a new day. But bliss, it’s Saturday, and I can return to the comfort of my bed, to sip my chai and open that book that’s been calling to me. It’s time for some Biology of Belief. Now that I’m fully awake, perhaps not so heavy, as the cuckoo clocks chimes 6 and I open the pages.


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