image Tangled Art

A year or so ago I discovered zen tangling, using doodles and repetitive line patterns to find that quiet space inside. Having always doodled it was fascinating to find an almost endless amount of patterns created by so many people inspired by this art form. As with any creative process, concepts are taken and expanded upon. Zen tangled inspired art uses various patterns going beyond the small tangled squares to incorporate them into larger and more complex drawings. 

I can while away hours in front of the evenings TV, but am very conscious that I dont end up stiff from sitting hunched over the A4 or A5 pages. Its also time I updated my glasses and contacts as I find myself taking my glasses off in order to check details. Working in detail with pigma micron 0.1 pens and predominantly hot pressed paper makes an interesting exploration when using carbon and water colour pencils. 

This weeks photo challenge topic of intricate brought to mind some of the pieces I created over the past year ..




    • They are based on whats called ‘zentangles’. I found them googling doodles some years ago, then downloaded a couple of how to books on kindle. Finally sent away for a couple in print. Theres some great websites if you google ‘zentangle’ or zentangle inspired art. The latter is what I enjoy and these pieces are. Its really easy, and you need minimal equipment – a good pen and paper. Do have a go its fun and relaxing – hence the ‘zen’ 🙂

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