image What Morning Brings in the Country

I wake early to the darkness and stillness of the morning hours before the sun begins its journey across the sky. Or should I more correctly say, before the earth rotates to greet the sun.  My mind awakens and my body follows, or perhaps its the othe way around. The sound of rain falling lightly, splashing on my mothers newly repotted plants leads me to wander briefly outside to investigate. Yes the rain does fall lightly.

Returning to my room, now awake, I snuggle back into my warm bed and grab my iPad. Crystal hops up onto the foot of the bed and returns to her snoring. It’s not daylight and dogs know when to catch some down time. Words fill my mind and the blogs begin. I’ve a few on the go now. The result of too long not writing. 

The sun’s light filters through my open window turning the night to early morning as I continue to contemplate and write. The more respectable  hour after 6am arrives and it’s time to take Crystal outside for her morning constitution. My parents unit in country Wondai doesnt have a yard, so on the lead she must go. She skips across the wet grass to wonder along the driveway before sniffing out a suitable patch of grass.

Outside the sun is full up, but what a greeting. The cacophony of bird calls in the neighbouring trees as lorikeets awaken and greet each other. As we approach they decide another tree is better suited. Watching them fly low, their wings beating a rapid staccoto, it amuses me how they fly almost always in pairs. Rarely are they alone. Underbellies occassionally flashing red as the sun catches their vibrant colours. Their flight low to the ground and rapidbefore  ascending to the safety of the dark morning foliage. 

Higher overhead, the lazier flight and the flash of pink and grey galah catches my eye. Flying alone, its call deeper and longer, it heads towards a nearby field of grain. It’s interesting how the lorikeets flock in numbers among the trees and fly low. Safety from a different predator. Unlike Galah, Cockatoo, Magpie Lark, Dove and Crow, the Lorikeet never sits upon the power lines. 

So much we take for granted. So much we can learn when we take time to wander slowly outside and open our senses to the world we live in. So much beauty to bask in. Away from the dramas of the world, this little town is a slice of heavenly peace. Soon to be awakened as its Autumn gardening expo and orchid show comes alive. 


Magpie Lark 


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