image Art-crafts-person … Not an Artist

Immersing myself in art again, expanding concepts, thoughts, ideas and embracing a ‘can do’ attitude I see the different patterns in my life emerging. 

There are so many books on every technique, medium and concept in art. Most are mediocre but some are simply a pure delight. My kindle collection is now pretty extensive, and I do find them great to read on my iPad (my kindle is somewhere in the house, no doubt flat). But paper books, well there is simply the absolute pleasure of holding them, pouring over the beautiful pages and reading the artists story as they convey in essence what works for them. Not to mention the desire that rapidly builds inside to experiment and try the style that is portrayed.

Coming back to art after a move to another house, I find myself looking a little differently at art. My tastes are changing. Interestingly what I once found attractive now pales as another style emerges and takes over. I become conscious that most artists seem to find a particular style or technique and stick to it. Honing their skills in one particular area. Not so me. Hence for me the wide variety and numerous kindle books. 

I am yet to find my particular style, I think. Indeed I’m not sure that I ever will. There are too many different mediums and styles to test, experiment and play with. The thought of sticking to one is incredibly restrictive to me. What I do enjoy is trying different ones, learning, experimenting and honing my skills, and transferring them across mediums.

Loose watercolour have particularly caught my eye of late. As has urban sketching, but acrylics still fascinate me, and I want to improve my drawing, including life drawing, skills. Tangle art remains my go-to at times to switch off and to get back into an arty mind-set.

Perhaps this need for variety, the inability to focus on just one medium, and the need to explore and improve my knowledge and skills across the broad fields of art is not from the artist archetype within, but from the more dominant crafts-person archetype. When I consider this its like allowing the door to open and to run free outside. My crafts-person archetype is the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ and this is where I am, finally, extremely comfortable. 

For most of my life I have in many ways been frustrated that there isnt ‘one’ particular area I am good at. There’s not been one particular area that my passion flows into. Instead my interests, skills, talents and passions flow in so very many and varied directions. In fact I seem to move through them, gaining as much information, achieving an ability to undertake at a pretty good level and creating as much as I need in one area, before moving on to the next thing that has caught my eye. 

I guess perhaps I should name this particular archetype the art’n’craftsperson for myself. So now that I understand that this is the archetype that drives, this is why I have this absolute need to collect an extensive range of supplies for everything I do, after all a craftspersons tools are intensely vital. I can relax, accept and yes ignore any internal criticisms. And quite happily answer why my ‘collections’ and indeed my personal materials require that I live in a larger space. It is where I am happiest. Exploring, investigating, creating, and see what I can achieve.


Discovered the awesome Derwent Paint Pens 🙂


Tangle inspired art 


Experiments in watercolour


And acrylics … 


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