image Frustration Ended

After many months of my blog not being visible, thanks to a problem swapping domains, It is finally fixed.  The original domain did not cancel properly so my blog wouldn’t migrate to the new domain. Not to mention spending many hours trying to find an email link to send through to the ‘happiness engineers’. Finally stumbling across the email link and sending my ‘help!’ Request, it was rectified in less than two days.

I had thought long and hard about deleting, starting anew, which in vain I couldn’t quite manage, and throwing my laptop and iPad out the window. Perhaps it was a sign of things not meant to be I justified to myself. But not the case. In all honesty I had run out of steam blogging, my interests had changed, and I only on occasion thought about blogging.

But as life changes, I find my mind now turning back to blogging, my camera has come out to play, and off I go again. I find it fascinating to see where life’s journey takes us, what paths we travel, and where our interests shift.

Now, in month four of this year, I can finally get into one of this years goals, blogging again …


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