We Only See what We Think We See

The brain fascinates me. Our thoughts, attitudes and feelings, and our belief systems. The phrase ‘mind over matter’ has merit. ‘You are what you think you are’ makes sense. Our senses themselves are determined by brain functioning. What we ‘see’ is a representation of our brain processing.

I recall the story about the American Indians who couldnt ‘see’ the ships of Columbus until their brains could process it. We live in such a supposed reality of believing only what we see. But how much is reality? Who determines this reality? So often my dreams are very real. To the point they cross over to my communal waking state. I remember dreams as if they were real.

The film ‘The Matrix’ challenged us as to what is real and what is a fabrication. Who really knows? It is probably irrelevant in our daily lives. But still it is an interesting question.

I am hunting down a hardcover book I have, ‘The Biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton. I haven’t got past the introduction. I know it’s somewhere in the house, but my first check through my bookcases, in the early morning light, hasn’t shown me where it is. I haven’t been able to ‘see’ it, yet I know it’s there.

What triggered this mornings mental meanderings? Thinking about health and well-being. About dis-ease in our bodies. About how some (fortunate) people are able to fully heal themselves. This ‘miracle’ is well documented in medical society as unexplainable. But to me it comes down to belief. Do we believe we are capable of healing ourself? Do we believe we are worthy of being well all the time? Or do we have some society based view that we are not good enough? That dis-ease is our punishment for not following some misguided belief that society, that is the majority, determines?

How would our world be if as a collective we changed our point of view? We decided that we are capable of achieving anything and everything, that we put our mind to? Again, the mind, the brain, our thoughts are highlighted. Like a circle coming back on itself, how much do we really believe that we are capable of achieving whatever we put our mind to?

Technically speaking, the brain is an amazingly elaborate network of neural pathways, an electrical system that generates power to create a myriad of physical actions in our body, both conscious and unconscious. How much is possible then with a collective consciousness of changing our perceived realities in both our own physical being and within the world itself?

It was not that long ago that we ‘knew’ the world was flat, because we couldn’t ‘see’ the bigger picture. It was not that long ago that we did not know the presence of ‘germs’ that impact on our physical body. And now we are starting to realise that what we thought was reality, a fact, is not necessarily so. How long before the 100th monkey scenario when we realise we can create anything, including wellness and good health within our self and our society by changing how we think and what we see and believe?

In that moment, the ‘a-ha’ of the light-bulb turning on, we will ‘know’ as a fact, that anything is possible, and that we can create our own well-being in person and on this earth. Perhaps then we will know ‘heaven on earth’ as a reality, not just as a hopeful wish, or sometimes belief. In that moment I see the universe with a very large grin telling us, ‘see, I told you so’ 🙂

Now that I have turned the light full open, changed my mind view, I looked again through my book shelves and found the book, tucked away on the end, in shadow, unable to be seen in the dim light.

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