image Enjoyment, Practice and Good Instruction Creates Wonderful Results

This waking just after 4am and not being able to go back to sleep obviously means my brain is rather active. This seems to be a recurring cycle. It’s great in summer when dawn arrives before 5am, but in winter? Its still too dark grrr. Thankfully not so chilly this am after yesterdays coldest morning in forever. Ok it was only just under 3c but here in subtropical Brisbane, its cold. Especially when the day hit early 20s c.

Heat pack beneath my feet as I sit in bed drawing, in my daggy trackies with the heating warming the house, I take a sip of my tea. Great cold cos I forgot about it. Pooch is snoring on the bed. At least dogs have a sense of just chilling out and snoozing on cold mornings.

I guess my minds a lil active because I am eager to start a project today. Acrylic painting on stretched canvas. This will be a first for me, at least in using acrylics for a landscape. But I’m happily feeling confident and ready to have a go.

I finally finished working through Mark Kistlers ‘You Can Draw in 30 Day’. Highly recommend this for everyone wanting to get back to basics in drawing. After not having worked through Tam Laporte’s Life Book 2014, I decided to get back into art journalling and worked through two projects yesterday.

Total enjoyment and amazing sense of achievement has given me an incredible boost to continue and explore more. I have always had a fascination with eyes, and playing with a variety of mediums including beautiful spray inks was such fun. I had to take time out to head down and restock on some art supplies yesterday. Twice. Once to my fave art shop and then to Officeworks for paint pens.

Whilst waiting for my eye piece to dry I started on Kate Thompson’s portrait piece. This was what really got me flowing. Mixing pencil, charcoal and pastel whilst watching her video demonstration was such a fluid experience. After checking out her Fractured Angelics web-page and finding she has a love of pre-raphaelite painting I am inspired to do her online class/es. When I next get paid.

What has amazed me is how much we can grow in art when we pursue it regularly. Certainly continual practice on a daily basis together with great instruction either through books or videos helps us grow. I discovered I am more of a self-learner than one to participate in classes.

However I learn, what is most important is enjoying the activity. When its fun and pleasurable we grow so much faster.20140713-114048-42048969.jpg


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