image Lemon Juice to Start the Day

I wake early and head outside to be greeted by the serene beauty of a clear sky blanketed by stars. It’s still dark, just gone 5 am and chilly by Brisbane temperatures. Winter here equates to clear blue skies. Temperatures below 15c overnight heading to the early 20’s c and occasional windy days. Today is calm. It is still quiet.

As I return inside and grab a glass of water I am reminded of how blessed I am. Clear running water. Not all of earths population has this simple priviledge, it is so easy to take things for granted when we have never had to without.

The blessings of what I am thankful for flood my mind in an almost never ending list. A roof over my head, clothes, food, warm bed, certainty, a job for which I must soon prepare for. Make that a wonderful work that I enjoy immensely with beautiful people who fill my day with laughter. The week has again flown by and I am reminded of the weekend to follow, a time to rest and relax.

As I crawl back into bed my pooch snuggles up for cuddles. My faithful companion. I snooze awhile, its too early to awaken properly, but I am conscious of my life and give thanks for all that I have.

The sun rises and the sky lightens. My neighbours are always up before the sun, heading off to work early. Outside now the sky is a crisp pale blue. The birds are singing to remind me of a new day. Every day is different, never the same. The Little Wattle bird sits amongst the palm seeds, crows, doves and the beautiful songs of the Butcher birds. At 6:30 am the traffic is now flowing along the nearby motorway, a steady hum.

As I return inside I grab a glass of warm water and squirt in some lemon juice. Someone posted on Facebook about the benefits of lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning. Today I have decided to follow this ritual, though I admit the lemon juice is from a squeeze bottle. The lemon tree out the back is empty and seriously needs a feed and treatment.

I remember back many years to my teens and my cousin performing the same ritual of lemon in water first thing in the morning. Nothing has really changed in terms of what we believe is good for us. These days I think we are however a little more conscious. Of course the internet has widened what knowledge, ideas and thoughts flood our consciousness.

Life continues, ever changing yet remaining the same. I am conscious however that it is what our mind sees through our eyes that determines where we are at any given point in time. And what we see determines what we feel. To wake to the peace outside of a beautiful morning sets the tone of the day.

I am alive, at peace and incredibly blessed. Life is truly magickal when I open my minds eye to what surrounds and supports me.


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