image Explorations in Watercolour Faces

Since moving into my new place I have indulged in my love of art. Exploring different mediums, styles and themes has provided me an opportunity to find what I enjoy doing as well as to challenge myself.

Reconnecting with a friend from teenage years who has also re-discovered his passion for art has provide inspiration as well as support and guidance, and an opportunity to bounce ideas off. To see how wonderful his art is, to watch him explore and push his limits and develop his talent over the past year to the point of holding an upcoming exhibition has been an absolute blessing.

For me, it has very much been about having fun and learning to grow. For him art has been a means of healing. Art is therapeutic in so many ways, even if it is simply for fun and pleasure

So began my foray into watercolour pencils, watercolours paints and faces.










One comment

  1. Hi Jenn! I can’t find any contact page on your site so am leaving a message here. I found my name linked from your website and wanted to say thank you. Have we met before? I see you moved from Perth to Queensland and I grew up in Albany and now also live in Queensland. You can contact me on if you’d like to answer direct.
    Many thanks and blessings

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