image Learning to Flow Through Art

The past year has begun again an exploration into art. Partly trying to find what I like best, partly testing my abilities and mostly just having a go and having fun. I am a lil behind in my Life Book 2014 weekly sessions, mainly because I get sidetracked and want to try different things.

Having a great art shop close by has been a bonus. So many wonderful mediums to experiment with. I have been chatting to an old friend who has, like me, taken up art again. His work is fantastic and he has a local showing booked. He made a comment that I needed more right brain … As in more flowing, realistic and not so stylised. So I decided to try this out. I have also been exploring shadows and shading remembering that I often battled with this aspect many years ago.

In doing so I began to experiment with soft pastels, pan pastels and conte crayons. I have been pleasantly surprised, in particular how my my mood changes. Soft, gentle, flowing and incredibly peaceful, at times I feel almost meditative.

Whilst not yet taking the leap of drawing from life, I have used photos as a reference. Most important of all tho is that I enjoy myself and have fun in the process, whilst opening my eyes to detail.

Stylised collage and acrylic

Watercolour pencil

Watercolour pencil after water washed

Conte crayons

Pan pastels

Pan pastels

Pan pastels

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