image Life Onboard

Having never been on a cruise ship before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The sheer massive size blew me away. To sit so high in the water as to see for miles on the ocean is amazing.

Realising there is one crew member for every three passengers is at first surprising, til you see not only stewards, but entertainers, retail therapists, maintenance, security, bar, kitchen and cleaning staff. What a production!

Most mornings I was up before dawn, along with a few others. Quiet time waiting for the buffet to open. Getting used to wandering around with a cruise card with which to purchase additional goodies, particularly my delicious chai latte, was a new experience.

My friend and I had spent ages looking for new bathers (when did this extra weight arrive?) only to find they remained in the cabin. The pools were emptied for part of the cruise as we rocked through cyclonic weather. Whilst March is a cheap time to cruise, its because it’s also cyclone season. But the kids were in the pool when it was open.

‘Towel Art’ greets us on return to the cabin

Sunday dawn

Lido deck and the big screen showing whats ahead

Watching the big screen

Lido bar – zoomed in

Familiar site during the cruise

The Dome … Quiet as during the day

Yummy food fair … Absolutely delicious

Watermelon carving

Atrium in the centre … spanning decks 5,6 and 7 …

Waiting for the Cirque

The Marquee … Full theatre – awesome shows

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