image Cruising The Pacific

What an awesome week … cruising the Pacific on the Pacific Dawn as part of Theme Cruise Australia’s Psychics Unleashed. 2000 passengers 700 crew, 14 decks, a giant white floating city on the ocean. Leaving Brisbane last Saturday on a beautiful afternoon, the weather soon closed in. Two cyclones, one off the north coast of Queensland and another off Vanuatu brought rolling seas and 5 metre swells, rain, rain and more rain. The sun and calmer seas only eventuating after leaving Vanuatu.

A week of personal growth, confirmation, meeting beautiful people and making new friends. An opportunity to share with others, to learn, experience and discuss. Revelations about myself, understandings, and clarification, what else could I ask for?

Thankfully the flu arrived on the last few days, so once arriving home bed was a welcome relief. I understand now about getting ones land legs back, as I continue to zigzag around the house. Thankfully I was not affected by sea – sickness.

However next cruise I will definitely spend the extra and get an outside cabin with a balcony. Whilst inside cabins are the best in terms of not being so ‘rocky’, they are rather cramped. The opportunity to sit outside one’s own room rather than continually heading up to the upper decks would definitely be a better option.
First day photos as we leave Brisbane …



Lido deck ..

One giant screen

Heading under the bridge …

Brisbane river and city views

How awesome is this city I now call home

What a way to start the cruise

Setting up for those beautiful memories

Enjoying a cuppa

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