image Early Morning Mind Wanderings

Grrrr there’s nothing worse than waking, again, in the middle of the night. As we head into Autumn the sun is rising later which makes my early mornings worse in a way. It’s still dark, no hint of pre-dawn lightness. And I have a case of the nibblies. Its now 4:50am, too early for food or more than a drink of water, perhaps.

As usual my mind is now switched on and racing, organising, planning, wondering. Double and triple grr as the tummy rumbles hit. Perhaps I should indulge in a cup of tea. Really too early for my coffee flavoured shake.

Why is my mind racing? I’m counting days til my cruise. 4 more sleeps now that I’m awake. Ahead of me is 7 awesome days cruising on the Pacific Dawn with 2000 others. I’m travelling with my lovely friend. We’ve not seen each other in 18 months and are looking forward to catching up again. She flies in on Thursday night, allowing a day together to finalise what we will take.

I have never been one to travel light. Just can’t seem to break it down. How people backpack beats me. It’s not just the clothes tho. I’m getting better at reducing that. They are currently laid out on my massage table, no last minute packing. I can see what I’m thinking of taking, and consider what I really ‘need’ and what I ‘want’ to take. Nor the toiletries (also laid out -travel sized) which I think I have down well, though makeup continues to be packed and rarely come out to play. I seriously have too many – now rather old- lovely sets I’ve picked up over the years. But will I use them? Perhaps though this cruise will be different. There are glam nights of course. No ‘just in case’ but definitely scheduled.

Where I get stuck is in my ‘paraphenalia’. Stuff that weighs more. Thank goodness for Kindle on iPad as I won’t need to take novels and laptop. One of the blessings of an iPad is the amount of ‘stuff’ I can load on it. How on earth did I manage before?

I even have card/oracle sets loaded on it. But there is still nothing like the feel of a set of cards themselves. So which ones do I take? Is 2 packs 1 (or2) too many? Can I burn my incense in the cabin? At least they are small when in cones. What about my crystals? They certainly weigh, but how many will want to travel with me?

But my biggest ‘problem’ that wakes me is my journals and art supplies. Which ones? Do I pack brand new ones and start a travel journal? Do I take my half, well, quarter finished one and continue? That’s just for writing. I doubt I will ever go beyond pen and paper. I love the feel of writing more than finger tapping on keyboards. Of course one pen isn’t enough, I may run out of ink, so at least two, plus another spare in case I misplace one, which I frequently do. But I’m yet decided which notebook to take. Primarily because I don’t have any blank Leuchtturm1917’s. They are mostly full. I prefer these now to Moleskines. I love the soft covers, tho it did take a while to get past having page numbers on journals. Hmmm I know I should’ve ordered a couple. But then I dragged out a lovely embossed, lined Christian Lacroix journal I had planned to use for something else. A nice A5 size and not too thick (nor thin). Ok I think I’m going with that one. At least for ‘writing’ and ‘thought mapping’.

As to my art stuff … Well I think that’s a whole other story.

Ah, the beautiful sound of heavy rain. The sky is lightening – totally grey and cloud covered. But now for a cuppa I think. Green tea and Pomegranate. Mmmmm. And perhaps a quick snooze before I have to get ready for work.


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