image Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

WOW …what happened to 2014? It’s almost March already. And yet again I realise I have not blogged in months. Time to correct that and get back in the swing.

So much has happened in this new year. Offspring visiting, moving house, art journalling and working hard. Finally I have settled into my new home around the corner from where I was. More space and freedom. A massive lounge large enough to have my new bigger art desk in it. The most divine wooden patio looking due east to watch the sun rise each morning.

In two very short weeks my girlfriend and I head off on our week long cruise on the Pacific. The first one for me. Yes we are both excited and spend hours talking on the phone organising what we should take. I am not at all a light weight traveller and need another to curb my packing.

I picked up my camera yesterday and took it with me when I walked the dog to the shops. And realised I have not downloaded photos, let alone editted any in what seems like forever. I aim to rectify that immediately. And post photos from late last year that have been patiently waiting to be shared.

Tis time to shake off the new year and get my butt into action on all fronts now.


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