image Life Book 2014 – Art Journalling

This year I decided to treat myself and joined Tamara Laport’s year long Life Book 2014. Weekly lessons online delivered to my in-box. An opportunity to express myself, learn new techniques, challenge myself, and play. Although I have not completed all lessons, interrupted by moving house, I am gradually working through them. Taking time to watch video lessons is something that, until now, I have been reluctant to do. But how awesome are they. How useful, instructive and fun.

Of course I tend to wander off on my own tangent and fill my journals with experiments in trying out a variety of mediums. Moving into my new home with its massive lounge has provided me the pleasure of setting up my art desk smack bang in the middle. In view of the TV where I can play while occassionally watching a favourite TV series on DVD.

I find my weekends now relaxing, reading, planning and getting grubby at my desk. I indulged this year and added a number of new mediums to my rapidly growing supply of art materials. Spray inks, paint dabbers, pastels, acrylics, watercolours, liquid acrylics. Then I discovered the beauty of pan pastels, conte crayons and liquid acrylic inks. The latter is so simply restful to use. Almost meditative. Forcing me to slow down and go gentle. I’ve finally found what I love the most. I recall my long time love of acrylics and inks. Dragging out my chinese ink stones and inks. It’s time to indulge again.




Lessons from Life Book

A space to Create

Staying organised


  1. Don’t you love LB2014? I am way behind, but I am still enjoying the journey. It is one of a number of painting/ drawing e-courses that I am taking and through them, I am doing things that I never dreamed possible. I love your work. Blessings, Lydia

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