image As Another Year Draws to a Close …

Today I celebrate another years passing. Tomorrow we celebrate another years close. The following day we celebrate a new years beginning. As the year comes to an end I stop to think of what the new year will bring, and what I would like to do. I guess I begin a list of things to do.

I find it hard however to look back over the past year and consider what I have done. How many things I have achieved. I’m really not sure why I don’t look back. I seem to always look forward. In saying this however, I am conscious that one thing I have learnt to do more of is to live in the present moment. To fully feel. To not worry what the future holds nor what has gone before. Yet in all this it is good to recap from a present perspective if only to see how far I have come. To give thanks for all that has occurred in my life. And to look forward with hope and visions of splendour to live a fulfilled life.

How quickly has the year gone. Yet perhaps no quicker than any other year. I guess this is just a matter of perspective.

I printed off my 2014 Life Book from Leonie Dawsons Amazing Life and Biz site. The third one I have downloaded. Yet I have never filled in the previous ones. Perhaps I just love the concept and colour and have never bothered to actually use it. Perhaps this time it will be different.

I look back over my blog and realise I have not blogged as much as the previous year. Perhaps I lost interest. Perhaps other things took precedence. I delved into re-newed hobbies like my art journalling and art. My photography became sporadic. Work became busier. My personal life continued much the same. Life continues to change. I know I have changed in my thoughts and beliefs. My interests and communications. I have found the quieter side of me. The more gentle and relaxed soul that has laid dormant too long. And I am at peace with myself…

2013 has been a good year .. I wonder what 2014 will bring …



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