image Stradbroke Winter on the Bay

It’s funny how we go along for quite a while posting, photographing regularly, getting out and about, then before we realise time has again flown by and the posts and photography have become sporadic, and we’re not sure what has happened along the way. I was finally downloading photos the other day onto my iPad and having a look through. I’d forgotten this beautiful day recently spent at Stradbroke Island. A day in a Queensland winter. Not that Brisbane really has any type of winter as such. Time to share again the fantastic views on the half hour ferry ride to and from Straddie.

Moored at the jetty

Tides in for the morning …

And out in the afternoon

Yachts are always moored in the bay

One day I will go visit the sand dunes .. or have a houseboat holiday

The Little Ship Club … for a wonderful meal

Plover on the low tide

Seagulls … of course

Two ferry companies operate side by side … whilst I use the ‘people’ ferries to getjust to the township, larger ferries transport vehicles

Another bucket list item … A weekend on the island will require travelling on the vehicle ferry with the car

Returning to the mainland, low tide

To end the day, full moon in the sky

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