image Happy Serenity – Synchronicity and Positivity

I sit outside. The sound of birds surround me. Early August. Though still technically winter, the days are a beautiful balmy sensation of enveloping warmth. My work day has finished. The sun is low on the horizon. At 5pm there is still more than an hour of daylight.

My weekend trip up country to spend with my parents was much needed. A time of contemplation. Appreciation of my parents and the beauty of the country I now reside in. I am again travelling through a period of rapid change. Internally. In my thinking and feeling.

I talked with my parents. Recalled how I have always had an interest in the liberal arts. Philosophy, sociology, anthropology. We talked briefly of a shared interest in archeology. I recall that I once started a degree in psychology. But it wasn’t what I wanted at the time.

I recalled my initial interest in architecture and engineering and how this interest partly drew on my logical way of thinking and analysing. But as life had it I entered nursing, a profession of health, healing and well-being. I find now that the two hold me in a beneficial place in my current work role in eHealth. I stop to marvel at how life unfolds to bring us to a place that is so very ‘right’.

My weekend drive I decided to listen to an audiobook, ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ by Dr Wayne Dyer. The book I had downloaded months ago led me to an older book I had not come across, ‘The Power of Awareness’ by Neville Goddard. Synchronicity in motion. I recalled another book of Dr Dyer I had picked up some time ago. ‘Change Your Life, Change Your Thoughts’. Hiis interpretation of the Tao Te Ching.

I picked up my notebooks, started to read, to listen and began to journal. To make sense in my mind of what had been written. I located another copy of the Tao Te Ching, then recalled a book I had picked up recently that I had long been after, ‘The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet’ by Benjamin Hoff. I started to read this afternoon.

What amazes me constantly is that tho I have had these books for sometime and have at least opened them, I was not ready to read and contemplate and bring into my being these thoughts and philosophies until now. What I do find now, in these words, is the synchronicity of understanding and knowing that I have long felt deep within my soul. That life is to be lived and appreciated. That life gives us wonderful lessons and opportunities to learn and work with in positive ways that bring harmony and a happy serenity (to paraphrase Hoff). That essentially we have a choice in what we fill our minds and consequently our lives with. Positivity or Negativity.

One of my favourite ‘quotes’ of life is the following:

“Two men looked out from prison bars, one saw the mud, the other saw the stars.”
– Frederick Langbridge

I guess it’s all a matter of perspective of thought and of living. Positively or negatively. In harmony and light with the limitless stars or trapped in the limiting mud and dark.



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