image Country Wanderings

Some time ago, I was again up at Memerambi visiting my parents. This time I travelled up with my longtime friends. Of course my camera was with me. As life has a way of taking on its own meaning, I had not posted these before.

This was my last visit to this tiny town as my parents since moved into a nearby town. What a delight to spend the weekend with M&M at my parents. To spend time with two couples very much devoted to their life partners. Sharing my love of the country, birds, trees and nature. My parents had over time introduced my girlfriend and I to the peace and joy of the bush and birds.

What always fascinates me tho are the structures. Water tanks, sheds, houses, fences. The way they sit quietly. Holding stories within. Surrounded by trees and bush. In these is a very different kind of peace and solitude. Different again to the glider overhead. Now that is something I have always dreamed of doing …perhaps one day.













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