image Changing Seasons

I just haven’t been in the mood. To blog, that is. Other things have caught my mind. It was time for a break. Just a little one. Perhaps it’s the recent change. Seven weeks since I quit smoking. Regular massage/acupressure healing sessions have helped so much. I sleep longer. Go to bed earlier. And dream heavily. I started walking again. Daily. With Crystal. Half an hour minimum. The weathers changed. Now mid Autumn. The sun rises later and sets earlier. The rain has pretty much gone. As has the humidity. The weather is beautiful. Warm days. Mid twenties. Celsius that is.

I got out my art supplies. My patchwork and embroidery. Bought wool. Perused crochet patterns. Put together appliqué owls to embroider and stuff. I’m organised. Sorted. Reading to refresh and reteach myself. So many things I’ve forgotten how to start. This time I’m throwing the perfection out the window and just enjoying. Having a go. Indulging myself.

The days pass quickly. Works been quiet. But now I’m changing roles at work a little. To do more of what I enjoy. So I guess, all in all, life continues to change. But some things I continue to do. Like strolling at Sandgate on the weekend with Crystal. It always makes me smile the sights I see. The beauty that surrounds the wide bay. The incredible cloud filed sky above. Sunday the tide was in. And I finally bought myself a polaroid filter for my DSLR. So it was time to experiment. Of course I had my iPhone and Lumix with me.

Walking these days is so refreshing. I let my mind fly free. Enjoy the beauty surrounding me. Sometimes I put earphones in and listen to my music. I want to bop along. I try not to sing out loud or hum. That can be embarrassing. I love my life.

Yet still, there is that emptiness that haunts. I’ve been thinking lots. Wandering why it is that we humans so desperately feel the need to share our lives with another. In a relationship. But I’m working on my capacity to open up, to give and receive. And changing my internal dialogue again. I guess this is just another stage in my life’s journey. Another path that wanders and meanders through a world of experiences and events that create the life that is uniquely mine.

So this first day of May, I contemplate again what it is I want and where I want to go. What I do know, is that the sky above me is so ever changing, just as my life is. And sometimes I feel as alone as the yacht on the water. Drifting across beautiful calm waters below a heaven sent sky.



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