gallery Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour

Daily Posts Weekly photo challenge this week is Colour. I’ve missed the last few challenges. Life tends to get like that. Time passes. Things to do. And a change in interest at times. But colour has always got to me. And roses. Last Sunday wandering through Kingaroy I came across the beautiful rose garden outside the Senior Citizens community centre. For this challenge I decided to edit the rose photos using ‘colour burst’ on my ‘Photo Toaster’ app on my iPad, and arrange them in a gallery.


  1. These are beautiful shots! and perfect timing!
    I am an artist and I have a commission to paint for a client of a single rose and don’t have many reference photos for them to choose from – would you allow me to use one of your images to use as a reference – I would of course give you full credit on my website if I used one of your photographs?
    please let me know if this would be possible – I wouldn’t dream of using your photos without your permission…
    thank you

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