image Wonderful Weekends

Well the last weekends have certainly been filled with magickal moments, visual feasts, total relaxation, and pure enjoyment. Not to mention hundreds of photographs, that I must really put into blog posts. So many to do … Corellas, mudflats, bushland, insects, water birds, dragonflies, antiques, more country Queensland.

Following from my lovely weekend again spent up with my parents at Memerambi, I returned home to Brisbane to chill and work. My garden continues to flourish. I’ve more pots and potting mix to pot up some of my plants. Flowering plants I specifically brought to attract the beautiful butterflies that visit.

My frog pond has a resident marsh striped frog now. He croaks continuously in the evening and early morning. Green tree frogs visit when it rains. The wrens are still out and about, but the foreign noisy miners have again moved in. The take over, so I’ve my owl thingy up in hopes of keeping them at bay. And yes the weeds have also returned. The lawn again needs mowing. It seems a never ending task.

Last Saturday Crystal had her groom. Picking her up I drove around the area near where I live and found the most beautiful green and yellow bushland. Brisbane has so much bushland and wetlands. I’d not realised how much there is. But then the city has many creeks meandering through. Of course much of the bushland is over run by foreign plants that now grow like weeds. But they remain beautiful to see. We wandered through the bush. Rather followed the path along the road stopping frequently to take photos. And I learnt another thing, always to check my lens and setting frequently. For some reason they ended up just not quite what I expected. I’m now eagerly waiting my new glasses and contacts. I can’t tell until I now download on computer whether the photos are clear or slightly blurred. Well I guess I will just have to take another walk there one day 🙂

Sunday morning I decided to take her to Sandgate for a walk. Taking the turnoff before I was meant to I found the most beautiful lagoon, in the heart of Sandgate. Turtles galore, eels and fish in the Einbunpin Lagoon. Water birds and corellas. Obviously a grand meeting place for the latter. Butterflies and dragonflies everywhere. And amongst it all, young people and old people. Out for a stroll, simply enjoying nature.

Heading down to the bay, the tide was out mid-morning. For the first time, I took Crystal onto the mud flats and into the water. So incredibly calm. I’d not been to the bayside since the floods. Sunlight on the calm water, people and families and dogs strolling through the shallow water. So relaxing and calming to walk feeling the muddy sand beneath my feet, the water around my ankles. Pure delight. Crystal was getting used to the water, until it reached her belly and she froze unsure what to do. But I coaxed her through it and she was back on her way running on the sand. Four or so hours later and we were home.

Thursday I headed up to Newstead House on the river. A beautiful old house surrounded by lush green lawns and plants, and magnificent views along the river. Poinciana trees that were old and weathered and so very magickal being beneath them. And the most magickal of all, the Alice in Wonderland playground.

Saturday I spend the day with my beautiful girlfriend. Just the two of us. Able to wander through antique shops, have the most delicious brunch, and more antiques in the afternoon. And yes we did indulge in a few items. By 5pm I’d had enough. We headed home. Leaving her with her family, and me to return to my home to flop, exhausted. Well I still have a blog to do on the wonderful things I drooled over and found fascinating, and recalled from childhood. But the comment from a teenage girl I overhead, saying how she loved the eighties era stopped me. I looked at my friend and went, oh damn we lived that era. Yep, we lived through that now ‘vintage’ era, and had the most wonderful times ‘back then’.

Sunday, with nothing pending on my agenda, I again packed up Crystal and headed to Sandgate. Tide was in so we wandered the boardwalk for an hour or so then headed to the lagoon for another hour or so. Drinking in again the sights, and taking more photos. Just sitting amongst the wildlife is incredible. Time flies by. Rather than head straight home, we again headed to the foreshore, the tide now being out, for another walk through the water. Crystal now getting used to it, she was happily running through the water and barking at all and sundry. But I was totally delighted with the Rainbow Lorikeets on the ground and the splendour of sunshine on the bay. Four hours later and we again returned home. More post due from that magickal weekend. Putting those on my agenda this evening 🙂

This weekend coming is Easter. Time to head up to Memerambi with my parents. Time for more beautiful hours spent in the country. This last year living by myself I have learnt so much. In particular to again just take in and enjoy the simple wonders of this marvellous planet I have the pleasure of living on, and the wonderful creatures that we share it with. And now reviewing my posts, I see there is still more to post 🙂 I guess this is what happens when I start to think that I’m getting a bit bored with the same old sights. Life throws me a magickal curve ball and says, but wait, there’s more 🙂

Paddington streets, Brisbane

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