image Tagged L for Lego

Tagged L for … Lego

I missed J and K … a bit of a mind blank, a lot of caught up in other things and running out of time. Ahh I think I should go back and finalise those posts … perhaps this weekend. However this letter I have been waiting for awhile now. Purely because I just had to take my camera into the wonderful lego shop next to where I worked for awhile. A total kids (and big kids) fantasy world. How many hours could I while away here. And isn’t it the dream of so many kids to work in toy stores? Well the guys who work here certainly have that dream. I raided the store for lego for my nieces birthdays and christmas. Toys for girls too, though why they still package girls stuff in pink and play happy families. I am waiting for my kids to visit on holidays this year from Perth. I know my daughter will get a kick out of the Star Wars lego. My son of course will just drool over the train sets. Me … Well I must check and see if they have the calendar sets back. Though who on earth can beat Yoda?

Here’s what I found …
looking into the luscious, lively, learning labyrinth of lego land, lines layers and legions leaning lazily, lustrous loaded and looming large, lessons livening learned little lords and ladies, lakes and land laboured lovingly and lusted longingly …. Lego Life ….

What an awesome calendar .. sadly they’d already sold out …

Railways and cities …

And corner stores …

And sidewalks

Hogwarts …


And taj mahals

Lord of the Rings

And Star Wars … Yoda of course

Trains line the wall


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