image Changing tacks … Again

There comes a time when change occurs, again. What served for awhile changes and something new or different happens. I find myself now in this space. Photo challenges and writing challenges I totally enjoyed, I now find myself wanting to explore different themes. Not only do they take time and concentration.and again my time and focus has shifted.

If there is one constant thing in my life, it is that I am constantly changing. I have never been good at sticking at one thing for a long time, in terms of hobbies and interests in particular. I guess for me there is so much in the world to experience. Jack of all trades, master of none. This phrase I have often used to describe myself.

And so, for a while at least, I will not be participating in all the challenges that I previously did. Some perhaps, but not all. I love my photography but find now I tend to photograph much of the same. And I want to explore some more. Not to mention that my fave and best camera needs to be repaired grrrr. I’m not overly happy with the images the others take. Ah the perfectionist. But still, I would like to develop it more, experiment more, and yes fulfil one of my resolutions. New lenses…

I want to go back to journalling too. I’ve missed writing thoughts and ideas. Perhaps they dried up a little. Yet what I enjoy most is photo blogs. Writing and photographing my life, my surroundings. So that is where I am now headed. Not to mention doodling and drawing more. For that is fun and relaxing. And that, to me, is what life is about. Enjoying oneself and expriencing each moment in each day.



  1. nothing is more constant than change … without change there is no life .. enjoy your new directions and choices, only by honoring your interests will you offer your uniqueness to the universe … blessings, christine xx ( i am changing things in my blog too … can’t help it. it is just happening!)

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