image Line Art Inspirations

My latest fascination, hobby, is with visual art. Doodling to be precise. I guess I started to get a bit bored with just photographing scenes around me. I started to look for more abstract views. I wanted to get to know pen and paper better. I have always loved art. In almost all its forms. In fact I started a Diploma in Visual Art many years ago, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I’ve been thinking, a long time, of taking up art classes. But I never get around to looking for them.

I googled, browsed and read about pen work. In a way I like simplicity, and complexity. Opposite ends of the spectrum, combined. My brain works in weird ways. I’ve searched to broaden my repertoire of pen strokes and patterns. Some I find easy enough to imitate. I have always been a good copyist. It’s bugged me that I felt I couldn’t create from scratch. But then I realise most people get inspiration externally. Visually. Perhaps it’s just how we see and interpret life. It’s an incredible thing that we humans are so diverse in what we see and view the world we live in. Providing such a rich canvas to share and inspire even more.

Sitting outside in constant rain, my subjects to photograph became limited. Seriously, how many times can I photograph my yard? They start to blend in after a while. So I narrowed my vision. Started to look for different aspects, and began to see patterns. Beautiful repeating lines in nature. Lines that simply translate into doodling and sketching patterns. Now I just have to have confidence in myself, take the perfectionist out, and just have a go. What I love most about all styles of doodling and pen work is that there are no mistakes. As I start to let go of my copyist mentality I can see there is so much surrounding me in which to draw inspiration.

I guess I have always been fascinated with abstract artists and how they collate their works of art. Where they draw inspiration and how they translate it in mind and hand. Yet now I start to see a different type of abstract. My inspiration and enthusiasm is fired. I have a new focus to explore.

What I find interesting though is the words, phrases and definitions we use to create patterns on paper. With pen, pencil and ink. Whether it be sketching, drawing, doodling, tangling, sketch-notes, zentangles, line art, pen and ink. They are all just terms, some trade-marked, most not. Terms for forms of visual art using simple lines to create patterns, notes, pictures and ultimately to let our creativity in life flow. To relax, spend time, enjoy, and indulge in life.

For now, I’m off outside with my camera. To do a series of photos. A project of sorts in mind. To capture lines and patterns in photographs. Then to get out pen and paper and play…




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