image Tagged I for Ink

Tagged I for … INK

Black ink, blue ink, coloured ink. Ink in pens. Writing, drawing, doodling. Free flowing ink, ink sticks, ink cartridges. In days gone by, we dipped our feather pens in ink to write. Fountain pens with ink cartridges. Rarely used but a delight to work with. There is something special using ‘real’ ink rather than in ball points or gel pens.

Years ago whilst in Singapore, I came across Chinese writing sets. Calligraphy brushes. Ink sticks and beautiful stones for grinding and preparing the ink. One was not enough. I ended up with a few sets. I tried my hand once at chinese calligraphy. Didn’t do so well. Perhaps it’s time to try again.

Ingenious, incredible India ink indicate it’s impeccable I immediately indulge in illuminating ideal impassioned, inspired illustrations infused in interwoven inspirational images.

Stone ink grinder

Chinese calligraphy ink set

Ink stick

Ink stick


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