image Changing Seasons

March the first. Autumn arrives, at least according to our calendar. It’s still rainy season, warm and humid. No deciduous trees here, or at least very few, to start shedding leaves. But noticeable is the shortening days. Sun rises later.

I’ve been here in Brisbane over a year now. Ten months in my wonderful job. Our organisation is rapidly growing. Over 100 employees where there were about 40 or so when I first started. I’m loving the change of pace as I sit now in Head Office, at least for a while. Administration and project work. Finalisation of resources to assist our growing number of clinics and the implementation of our new model of care amongst the existing clinics in the region. It’s not definite yet where I will go next, but probably to Ipswich.

Change occurs constantly in life. I do function well in rapid change. But then my whole life has been lived changing towns and places and job roles. I’m conscious now of how I’m changing in other areas. That I’m wanting to change in some areas. My photography interests are starting to change. I’m finding there are only so many ways I can photography my home surroundings, my immediate surroundings. Buildings are again fascinating me. Lines and angles. In fact the ‘dreariness’ of inner city structures, man made, catches my eyes. A different kind of beauty.

For some reason I’m not getting e-mail updates from subscribed blogs. I’m starting to miss some of the challenges I participated in. Life has become rather full. I find myself not having the time I did have before. I’m also finding it hard to find subjects to photograph for many of the challenges. Conscious that I’m at a stage of recycling some photos. To me this indicates a need for change again. Perhaps to just choose which challenge themes I want to be involved in.

I’m learning to not be so structured. Nor feel guilty when I don’t participate in something I have done for a while. To me it indicates again change occurring. I rarely sit still or stay as I am. The chameleon aspect of me rises again to the surface. Time to change focus a little. To go with the flow of the changing river of life. And it is always good.

A drive today to the Gold Coast for a meeting. Raining. All afternoon. i had planned to take a trip up to spend the weekend with my parents. Changes in scenery and surroundings. It’s good to get out and about. To explore more and experience different things. There is so much surrounding us in the world we live in. Without needing to travel far and wide. At least not at the moment anyway. But heavy rain put paid to that plan. Flooding is pretty much everywhere inland. Too hazardous too risky for the drive. Instead another quiet, wet weekend. What to do??



  1. It is difficult when it is rain day after day to get motivated to go out do any thing else but be on the computer and travelling around the blogosphere catching up with friends and community,(it used to be reading books…) but I feel a stirring of my gypsy blood, we usually travel during autumn and winter. So I am starting to look at possibilities…

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