image Doodling through Life

The past week or so I have been actively doodling. Filling pages with samples and getting to know my pens and papers. Reading and googling and getting ideas. Even filling a small journal with coloured pages using inktense blocks. Should have bought the inktense pencils too. The colours are fantastic.

Apart from school classes a lifetime ago, I am self-taught. Often thinking that I really should take some classes to learn proper techniques and expand my knowledge. Perhaps I still will. There is an art shop that runs classes nearby.

But doodling I enjoy because its relatively simple with minimal equipment and can be done on the go. I may yet expand one of my rooms and use it as an art room. Except that carpet is a problem. What I have decided however is to doodle daily. I’m not putting pressure on myself to complete a page a day, but certainly to do some doodling.

It is relaxing and fun. And surprising when I let my mind flow. Some days I start easily, others I find myself wondering what I want to do. But then I google and read and widen my knowledge. I have even started a doodle diary. A small portable book I can recount the day in simple words and doodles rather than writing a journal entry. It’s certainly different.

But for now it’s time to get ready for work. I’m finally back at head office. Less than half an hours drive, especially as I short cut through the tunnel. Wonderful new sights. Ok, predominantly industrial, but certainly something different to photograph, at least when the rain eases. Back into project work. Updating a manual for our services on our model of care. The things I enjoy doing, and can do so easily and without stress.

Having spent the past few months acting as a Practice Manager it brought home the reality that I am still fragile in some areas. Too close to not coping well. Managing people takes its toll. And is not something I want to return to. So much easier working alongside a manager to guide and enable them, and develop tools to help them implement change. And now I’m back to doing what I do best, and enjoy most. Stess free and relaxed. Working with a great team of like-minded high-achievers whose goal is to bring about change in the health status of our people.

Doodling certainly helps ease stress and relax me. One would think I had time at work to doodle. I don’t. I’m too busy and focussed on my work now. The day flies and I return home invigorated rather than tired. Its a fantastic feeling to do what I enjoy doing.






  1. Awesome!
    Hey, if you are interested at all – I’m looking for guest bloggers to make some appearances on my site in a few weeks, and I’d be honored if you wanted to contribute something towards that!
    You can come up with anything and everything you want, or I can send you some prompts if you’d like to go that route, or you can just post some of your great doodles! If you are interested, send me an email at

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