image Tagged H for Hands

Tagged H for … Hands

Interestingly, hands themselves, photos of real ones, don’t do much for me. Yet I love them in abstract form. Particularly as stand alone like my incense holder, or upon a figurine. In these moments there is a simplicity in the gesture that speaks so much louder than words.

Yet it is the hands themselves that much healing is undertaken from. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Whether hands on or hands off the body, the direction and focus comes through the hands. As does the gentle, soothing touch of a hand upon a brow, shoulder or anothers hand. Too often we under-estimate the strength and unconditional love imparted by another in this momentary gesture.

Honouring, healthy, healing hands, hold the heartbeat of holistic health handed down from holy heaven for the highest good of humankind.




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