image In Search of Sunrise

3:33am. Who on earth wakes at this time on a Sunday? Well I guess its not unexpected considering I fell asleep at the ridiculously early time of 9:15pm. Tossing and turning I gave up at 5ish. Got dressed and bundled Crystal into the car. Camera in hand I drove up the road a bit to Sandgate.

Joining the other night owls on the road at ridiculously early times, I thought to capture the sunrise on the ocean. Grey overcast morning quickly showed it was in fact heavily cloud filled. Then the drizzle started. Deep sighs. Not wanting to turn around and head home I sat for a while in the car above Shorncliffe and watched the grey sea.

On the horizon, framed through the trees, tankers lay, at anchor? Or perhaps already on their way.

It’s incredibly light in the early morning, before the sun does appear. Below the horizon it casts its light up into the sky. Reflecting a little off clouds. Needless to say, I snapped enough photos. And sunrise? Well just enough colour on the horizon, behind the clouds to let me know it had risen.

The sea is beautiful, no matter its colour or whether its calm or rough. As are the clouds.

To sit and watch the shore, the formations of the rocks and the gentle wash of waves is beautiful and relaxing.

And knowing that I am not alone in doing so, but that others also enjoy the early morning calm of the bay, particularly canoists and paddlers, of sorts. To watch them pass by is soothing in itself.

What amazes me tho is the number of people, albeit small, who are out and about. Fishing, cycling, walking and running, on the golf course and sitting in cars overlooking the bay. Perhaps like me, deciding what to do.

Tho I love to watch cyclists, and often think I really should get a bike and ride, I doubt I have the determination, nor know enough people, to ride in a group.

Of course the birds are up and about. No doubt where the saying, ‘up with the birds’ comes from. My favourite of course being the seagulls. How they all line up, chatting away, as if to exchange their own tales of success, or not, at fishing and scavenging.

Driving, very slowly, along the creek, it was wonderful to enjoy the unfolding sights of fishing boats moored, although it was too early to sell their catches. And the occasional house-boat, reflected perfectly on the still waters.

Finally deciding at 6ish that it was time to return, I bundled Crystal back into the car. Muddy paws and all in my now not so clean car. Ugh, damp doggy smell. Great. Oh well, windows left down on the car in the garage. Iced coffee in hand, I retired to the verandah, to wander the garden and marvel at the differences in raindrops upon the leaves of my plants.


And to google Zentangle and doodle designs on my iPad whilst I down-load my photos. Time to learn another couple of Zentangles. Now that I’ve found a ruler and can work out that 3.5 inch square is 9cm square. Of course they never look quite like the diagrams, but that is the beauty in all things. That everything is different and unique in its own way.

Seems it must be time for a morning nanny nap. The only sounds about are the birds and the occassional car in the distance. At 9:30am most normal people are still abed, slumbering peacefully. But then again, why would I waste a beautiful, tho humid and overcast Sunday, sleeping? There are wonderful things to do, and I can always snooze in the arvo.

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