image Soul Gems: Nurturing

~ Nurturing ~

How beautiful it is to behold a nurtured garden. Filled with lovely colour and every shade of green. Carefully tended, especially when it's a cottage garden such as my closest and oldest friends. I love to visit. To see what is growing abundantly. To search out all the small places. A visual feast for the eye.

To nurture is to care. To lovingly support and encourage. Gently allowing one to grow to full magnificence. To blossom into the beautiful person one is meant to be. Like a garden carefully tended, human beings need gentle nurturing to reach our full potential. How much more beautiful would our world be if we each nurtured each other. Recognised beauty, knowledge and wisdom. Shared our journeys, encouraged and supported. And loved, unconditionally. Seeing only what is beautiful in another.

To care and tend. Gently remove old habits and what no longer supports ones growth. To bring light, warmth and healing energy. To watch nature flourish in Brisbane is to see the effects of the rain. Not the storms. But life-giving rain. To see the warmth without the harsh sun. Everywhere the land is green. Fresh. Renewed. Growing abundantly. One may say that mother earth nurtures her own. We walk her earth. And when we nurture her, she grows beautifully. Strong. Rich. Bringing joy and warming the soul.

As human souls, we too grow abundant, happy, joyful lives. When we are nurtured. By others and by ourselves. To care and tend and love, our own self, and every beautiful soul that resides on this earth, is to know a soul growing to fruition.

~I think we need the feminine qualities of leadership, which include attention to aesthetics and the environment, nurturing, affection, intuition and the qualities that make people feel safe and cared for~
Deepak Chopra

~Gardeners are good at nurturing, and they have a great quality of patience, they’re tender. They have to be persistent.~
Ralph Fiennes





“An eye is meant to see things.
The soul is here for its own joy”

~ Rumi ~

I love words. Some words evoke such beauty, emotion and feeling.
Positive and motivating. Fruits of the spirit. Soul nourishing. To me, they are Soul Gems.

52 words. One a week. In less than 200 words. My challenge for this year. To share my philosophy of a meaningful life. Accompanied of course with natures delights in photos.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye”
~ Antoine de Saint Exupery ~




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